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Travel Documentation

For international travel specific documentation may be required in order to enter the country of your destination, or even to transit a country during your travel. Listed below you will find a list of websites that will help you determine if you will need a passport, visa, etc., for your travel. Please review the information therein and advise your travel consultant if you need help to secure proper documentation.

If TravelPlanners LLC secures your travel documentation, such documents will be sent to you by secure mail, at your expense. Today many documents can be electronically generated, which eliminates these extra mailing charges.

Special Travel Requests

Please inform your TravelPlanners LLC travel consultant if you have any special needs or requests at the time you are booking your travel. Such special needs would include dietary needs, medical and/or physical needs, language barriers, non-U.S. citizenship (including Green Card holders), frequent flyer numbers and any other special requests for your travel experience.

Booking Name(s)

It is extremely important that you book your travel reservation, especially airline reservations, in the exact name that appears on your travel documentation (passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.). Because name changes are often not allowed, failure to provide correct information can lead to loss of your reservation. Even in situations that allow name changes, they can be costly.

Traveling with Children

When a minor is traveling out of the country with only one parent, it is generally required that the non-traveling parent provide documented permission for the minor to travel with the accompanying parent. Failure to provide such documentation can mean that you and your child will be denied boarding on your flight.

Seat Assignments

Seat assignments can sometimes be an issue of frustration for travelers. Your TravelPlanners LLC consultant will always strive to reserve the seat of your choice. When the requested seat is not available, your travel consultant will work with you and the travel provider to find the best available seating. If you choose to change your travel reservations because your preferred seat is not available certain penalties may apply.

When the airline changes the aircraft type from what was scheduled at time of reservation, your seat assignments might change. The airlines state: Seat assignments are a request, and not a guaranty. Please remember that!

Seat assignments cannot be made for group reservations till the tickets are paid for and ‘issued’. The seats are usually held in a “group block” within certain rows of the plane. Seats are assigned within the block. While we always do our best to support your travel wishes, someone might have to take a middle seat.

Booking Reservations

TravelPlanners LLC asks that you make all booking requests in writing. While telephone reservations will be taken and repeated back to you for your approval, a written request will insure that all information is clear and correct.

Weather Related Issues

In certain cases, weather issues may cause cancellation and/or change of your travel plans by the travel provider. When this happens, the travel provider may waive their cancellation penalties and fees and/or offer optional travel dates. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the travelers to know what kind of weather is common to the destination during their travel times, and to be prepared for seasonal weather.


++ All cancellations must be requested in writing; the receipt must be confirmed by TravelPlanners LLC
++ E-mailed payment or booking requests must be confirmed to be in effect
++ Travel rates are only confirmed for quoted travel after payment has been applied and re-confirmed by TravelPlanners LLC

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