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We visited so many destinations on this beautiful planet, now it is YOUR turn! We are vacation builders and travel designers, tailoring your very own journey according to your personal preferences. Well, we are also 'travel crazy'!
Our focus is on what is important to you, and we do it with years of experience, hands on and feet down in all continents. 
Travel nerds infected by the desire to share the experience, supplying you with the travel experience you are looking for!
- Founded in 2010
- IATA approved agency
- Travel addicts who understand your priorities
- CEO and hands on Travel Designer - Anita Nooe provides the best travel                experience with her team of professionals
- Extensive leisure and mission travel experience
- Worldwide travel contacts
- Certified Destination Specialists 
- Travel Leaders network member
- Beach Vacations, Honeymoon Travel, Destination Wedding Coordinators,
   All-Inclusive Vacations, Individual Travel Designers to worldwide destinations,
   Adventure Travel, Safari designers, Group Travel and Family Reunion,
   Certified Cruise Specialist, Ocean and River Cruise certified, to name some
- SUMMARY - The Sky Is The Limit! We ARE the T r a v e l  E x p e r i e n c e           you do not want to miss!
Agent contact: - Office: 601-714-1959
Anita Nooe -
Birgit Monigold -
Unassigned agents:
Birgit Monigold

A native of Germany, Birgit worked in management for a large German Institution in many different office locations before moving to the US in 2003. She first lived in Texas, where she volunteered in school administration before enrolling in college to study business management, computer science, and marketing.

Birgit, who is bilingual, has traveled extensively throughout Europe as well as the continent of Africa. This gives her a unique firsthand perspective of what is required for the very best travel arrangements and sightseeing in these areas of the world. Birgit also has great organizational skills, is extremely efficient, and possesses a sincere desire to please her clients.

She currently lives in Brandon, MS, with her husband and her son Nickolas.

Birgit is arranging the best leisure travel to worldwide destinations for years and her clients always return to her. She is eager to assist you to make your next holiday the very best, again, applying her years of experience!

Anita Nooe 

Anita has a true passion for travel, with over 33 years of experience working in the travel industry to prove it! She has managed successful travel agencies for much of her career. Most recently, Anita spent ten years as manager of a nationally recognized general and mission travel agency, booking worldwide travel for individuals and groups.

One only has to view the photos on this website (which are only a few from Anita’s many personal albums) to understand her love of global adventure and exploration. One only has to talk to her clients (who are pleased and loyal, recommending her to others) to understand her dedication and hard work in making their travel experience exceed industry standards. Anita’s hope is that she has the opportunity to offer you a travel experience that will match her own, and that she will become your travel consultant for years to come.

Anita sets the policy for TravelPlanners LLC, where we may not always have the very lowest price, but we always offer the most for your money. With alternatives for every budget, we believe that quality can be combined with value. Our years of experience in both domestic and international travel of all kinds — leisure, business, special interest, tours, cruises, and group travel — means that we are supported by worldwide industry partners, who offer both quality and value for your specific travel wishes.

Doris Heidebrecht

Doris is our European Coordinator, handling customer care as well as being our domestic contact for all our travel partners. As our anchor in Europe, Doris has vast language skills. She is trilingual, speaking English, German, and Italian, and even some Spanish and French, so no doors are closed to her. With many years of traveling and her active independent travel sales for a Lufthansa-affiliated agency, we are grateful to have Doris as a TravelPlanners LLC team member. Her continuous efforts are a boon to our European travelers.

If you choose to work with Doris, or if you should meet her on any of our special packaged tours, you will also appreciate her kind and patient support, as well as her vast knowledge of the European culture. Let Doris help make your European vacation a success!

We look forward to working with you, whether you are an experienced or first-time traveler, internet-savvy or computer allergic, offering personal, reliable and experienced travel assistance that cannot be found elsewhere online.

At TravelPlanners LLC we have a fascination and appreciation of the world, its nature, people, creatures, art and societies! We invite you to become a part of this world of travel adventure and discovery!

Mission Statement

Travel Planners LLC was founded to provide our clients personal, experienced and dedicated assistance in all areas of travel planning with integrity and professionalism. Our goal is to always perform with integrity an outstanding travel experience for our clients, and to connect them with the beautiful world that opens our minds and teaches us to exist in harmony with all living things.


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Expert Travel Knowledge

Tailor-Made Travel 

Global Reach

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